A-Z Moving Dictionary


As a professional, licensed local moving company, Santa Cruz Moving offers the service of furniture assembly free of charge, as it is included in our rates, as well as all the tools needed to complete this service.


No matter which moving type you are needing from Santa Cruz Moving, our movers will always arrive at the job equipped with moving blankets and other protective materials to ensure the maximum protection of your belongings during every step of the way.

C-Customer Support

Santa Cruz Moving highly values customer support, and as a company that operates 7 days a week, we are happy to provide you with our complete moving support before, during and even after your relocation has taken place.


Delicately is the only way our movers will handle your belongings. Fragile, bulky, heavy or valuable, our movers will place great importance in the safety of your belongings during every second of your relocation.


Handling your relocation efficiently and effectively at the same time is the perfect combination that will ensure a successful move. Our movers know how to provide you with a fast service that never lacks in quality.

F-Friendly Movers

A high-quality service with a friendly moving crew is what you will be receiving when you hire Santa Cruz Moving to handle your relocation. Our movers are always happy to answer your questions and clear up any doubts you may be having.

G-Guaranteed Arrival

When we agree on the best date for your move to take place, you will be provided with a guaranteed window of arrival in which our movers will arrive.

H-Hidden Fees

When you hire Santa Cruz Moving to assist you with your relocation, you can rest easy knowing that there will be no hidden fees suddenly popping up on your final bill upon the completion of your move.

I-In-home Moving

When you are rearranging items, staging or redecorating your home, you can request our in-home moving services that were expertly constructed for an easy and convenient relocation.


We at Santa Cruz Moving are available 7 days a week to take a moving job of any size and complexity, at your best convenience.


Our movers have the needed moving knowledge and experience that is needed to provide you with an amazing moving service that you will be content with.

L-Labor Moving

When you are moving furniture on-site and don’t need a truck, you can always request our impeccable labor moving services.

M-Movers and Packers

When you request Santa Cruz Moving’s packing and moving services, we will provide you with a complete door-to-door experience during which you won’t have to move a muscle, or worry about a single thing.


When you give Santa Cruz Moving a call to inquire about our moving services, we will provide you with a free, non-obligatory moving quote.


Once you hire Santa Cruz Moving for your upcoming relocation, we will take it upon ourselves to thoroughly organize your entire move in order to provide you with an easy and seamless experience.

P-Packing Assistance

When you have decided to handle your relocation on your own but don’t have the time to pack, you can always give us a call and request our professional packing assistance during which we will delicately pack and prepare your belongings for their upcoming move.


A moving quote is an estimate of how much you will be spending on your relocation. When you give us a call, we will provide you with a free, non-obligatory moving quote.

R-Residential Moving

Moving from one home to another is considered to be residential moving. We will provide you with a tailored, personal residential moving experience with all of your moving need and expectations in mind during the entire process.

S-Storage Moving

Santa Cruz Moving can also offer our professional moving help even when you are moving your belongings in and out of a storage unit. We will handle your entire relocation for you, and provide you with an easy storage moving experience.


We at Santa Cruz Moving tend to be fully transparent and upfront with everything we do and how much we charge. We will provide you with a complete walkthrough of our moving process, as well as straightforward pricing.


When you settle into your home, you might not want to start unpacking right away, if ever. This is why our unpacking services can come in handy, to provide you with an easy solution to your problem.

V-Vast Experience

Our professional movers have vast experience in the moving industry in addition to being fully trained, which will ultimately result in a flawless moving experience with no hassle on your end.

W-Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are a safe and efficient way to transport your clothing, without having to go through the process of packing and unpacking them. When moving with Santa Cruz Moving, you will be provided with wardrobe boxes completely free of charge.


X marks the destination to which we will arrive on time, with all of your belongings in perfect condition.

Y-Your Needs

Your specific moving needs will always be taken into account while constructing the perfect tailored moving plan for your upcoming relocation.

Z-Zero Stress

Santa Cruz Moving will provide you with a smooth moving experience during which you won’t experience any stress or worry at all.

Cardboard box with words MOVING DAY and packaging items on wooden table

10 Moving Tips

A complex moving venture can sometimes take weeks to plan, and if not planned correctly – it could easily turn into a nightmare. We have helped thousands upon thousands of people and families alike relocate their homes, apartments, businesses and storage units, and know that the key to a successful move is good preparation. Staying organized during the entire process will help you vastly when moving day comes, and it can make your move seem much easier than it actually is oftentimes. When moving gets tough – we make it easy. Below are 10 moving tips from our professional moving teams, that are bound to ensure a smooth relocation.

  1. Call movers

When it comes to hiring movers to take care of your relocation, the three vital things you need to validate before you pick a certain company is if they are licensed, insured, and reliable. This is the first thing you should ask the moving company you are calling when requesting quotes. It is important to gather at least three different quotes, in order to assess which company is offering which kind of moving service, and which fits your moving needs best. Hiring the cheapest movers could be good for your budget, but it can often harm your entire moving experience and result in a much more expensive endeavor than you have budgeted for. Hire the most reliable moving company, with a good reputation, and provide yourself with an enjoyable moving experience during which you won’t have to worry.

  1. Pick a date

Sometimes moving companies charge much more for weekend or end-of-the-month moves, which is why you should ask for this piece of information before you reserve your movers for a specific day. If you are flexible, and changing your moving date can save you some money, it is a good option to have as well. If you are set on a specific date and can’t relocate on any other, make sure to reserve your movers at least four weeks in advance, as these dates tend to get reserved much faster than others.

  1. Buy packing supplies

If you aren’t having your professional moving company also pack up your belongings in addition to relocating them, you’ll have to complete this process on your own. Searching online for cheap packing supplies is a good option to consider, as well as visiting your local grocery store and possibly scoring some boxes for free. Make sure that these boxes are in good condition, though, as you wouldn’t want them to fall apart in the middle of your move and damage your items.

  1. Find alternatives for boxes

If you don’t want to overspend on packing supplies, you can always find some alternatives in which you can pack up your belongings. Suitcases, trash bags, laundry baskets and other similar items can often come in handy when you don’t want to buy a million boxes for your move. If you’ve run out of packing supplies, this can save the day. When it comes to padding, consider using clothing, blankets, pillowcases or anything similar you can find around the house to protect your fragile items when packed.

  1. Declutter

This is the perfect opportunity to start the process of decluttering your home. As you are going through your valuables, consider getting rid of items you no longer have use for. Throw away, donate or sell these items, as each item you get rid of will be one less item to move and have to unpack again. You could also organize a yard sale to gather some money to fund your move.

  1. Visit your new home

Once you are granted access to your new living space, it might be a good idea to head there to add some finishing touches before moving day arrives. Not only will it be much easier to clean your entire home with absolutely no furniture in the way, but you can also paint the walls and prepare everything before you settle in, so you can move into your new home with complete peace of mind. It will be much harder to do any improvements once you move your furniture in, so use this opportunity to its fullest.

  1. Start packing early

If you have a busy schedule, you probably want packing to interfere with your life as little as possible. The best way to achieve this is to start with packing at least a month before your move, and pack for an hour or two a day. This way, you won’t get exhausted from this process, and you will be much less stressed as it will be easier to stay on track and complete it by the time the day of your move arrives.

  1. Pack an overnight kit

Don’t pack up your essential items that you will most likely be reaching for as soon as you move into your new home. Instead, either pack these items into a separate box, clear plastic box, tote, or anything similar so you can have easy access to them the second you step into your new living space. These items can be quite unique to each person, and usually include a toothbrush, soap, mediation, a change of clothing, and a box cutter.

  1. Move your boxes into one specific space

Having your boxes moved to one specific area in your home before your movers arrive can provide them with easy access to them and a much faster loading process than if you have left them scattered around your home. If you want to make the loading process more efficient, speed up your entire move, and save some money in the process, following this tip is a good option to do so.

  1. Label your boxes in detail

If you don’t want your unpacking process to be a chaotic venture that isn’t organized by all means, consider labeling your boxes. Instead of only labeling the rooms in which each is supposed to go, taking the extra step and writing down each box’s contents will provide you with a much simpler and smoother unpacking process, as you will know where each item is and which boxes to start with.

Moving is an unavoidable part of everyone’s lives, and the way it can take a toll on your stress levels can be quite overwhelming. Fully preparing yourself for this process is the only way to ease the experience, and make it a much more enjoyable one at that. Here you will find a complete moving dictionary that will prepare you for your moving day, and help you overcome any moving challenge that may occur.