10 reasons to hire professional movers

Moving from one place to another can be both energizing and distressing. There are lots of legal work to be done, lots of packing to be done, etc. You might feel like you can do all these by yourself without hiring any local movers, but unless you have moved multiple times in the past, it’s not going to go as smoothly as planned. Moving is a stressful time filled with unending to-do lists of tasks—disconnect and connect utility services, transfer school or medical files, update personal information on your credit card accounts—the lists go on and on. There can be a lot of surprises that may come on the way, you might get injured from all the heavy lifting, you may end up breaking the fragile items or losing some of your items, etc. Hiring a local mover will cost you a few bucks but it will be worth it in the end. Factor in the stress of packing and ultimately moving your belongings, and the process can quickly become painstaking and overwhelming. To ease the stress and keep your to-dos to a minimum, many residents decide to work with professional movers- Santa Cruz Moving instead of attempting a DIY move. Whether you’re moving to start a new journey in your life or relocating to a new home within the city, the team at Santa Cruz Moving is here to give you the information you need to make the right choice in the process. So we are here to share with you some benefits of hiring local movers. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 reasons to hire professional movers!

Planning & organizing


If you ever moved, you are aware of how much planning and organizing is needed to successfully and stress-free perform the move. It might seem like you have control over your move when moving without furniture movers, but that is true only if you are well prepared and perfectly organized. Moving is not just packing items in the boxes and taking them to your new location, it’s much more than that if you want to relocate your belongings in one piece. If you are moving without professional movers, you will have to organize your friends or family who can assist you. This means that you will have to find the date and time that will work for all of you. Already sounds impossible? By hiring local movers, you can skip all of these steps and go straight to packing and let professional movers take care of everything else.

Packing process

Planning a move can be an overwhelming task, especially because of the ever-present long list of activities that need to be done. So much is involved in packing correctly and making sure all of your belongings get safely to your new home or office. In some instances, people try to take on this challenge themselves. While you may want to tackle the packing stage of your move, you don’t need to when you hire professional movers that have the experience, know-how, and most importantly, the time, to pack your high-value items and meet the unique needs of your household. Hiring professional movers is the best option for moving quickly and ensuring everything is managed in an organized fashion. Packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking things can be quite a hassle, especially for people who find it hard to make time. To save the hassle, many people nowadays opt for hiring local movers that can assist them in packing and moving their belongings. Packing your stuff yourself may take days, but furniture movers can pack an entire household in a matter of minutes. Again, efficiency is key here.

Besides, packing material will cost you a lot. If you do the move without local movers, this is probably going to be your biggest expense. You can’t avoid buying packing material for your move. You will need these supplies to protect your stuff during the move from cardboard boxes to bubble wrap. If you buy all the packing yourself, you might end up spending more than you need to. Professional movers know how much packing material each item needs, so there won’t be any waste. Moreover, your local movers will have their network of suppliers to buy packing material cheaper than you would.

Efficient and well trained professional movers

Maybe the biggest obstacle when moving is time. Between packing and preparing all the other aspects involved in a move, so much of your time has to be sacrificed. When working with local movers, you’re working with trained professional movers who know how to make your move as efficient as possible. Moving companies have trained professional movers that know how to disassemble and reassemble every piece of furniture that you possess. They will make sure your furniture is wrapped and padded during the move, so nothing gets damaged during the process. Professional movers have specialized moving equipment, tools, blankets, plastic wrap, wardrobe boxes, tape, packing paper, dollies, etc. 


Considering all of this, your items will be way safer in their hands. This relieves some of your time commitment to focus on other parts of your move. If you ask a friend to help you with the move and he breaks your TV, it would be awkward to ask for a reimbursement. By hiring local furniture movers, you can be sure you will get reliable service. The cost of the move is important, but it is more important to safely move your family and your belongings to your new home.


Another benefit of using professional movers is that it is much more convenient to access their services. Their small clientele base makes it easier for you to book their services on short notice. These services are usually much more flexible in their timings and it is easier to schedule a move with these companies. Local movers also move faster than the national companies since their schedule is more flexible and they can work on short notices.

Safe and insured

Any professional movers should be well insured. Having insured local movers means your property is protected should something unfortunate happen during a move. Furniture movers should be careful, however, and do their best to prevent any accidents or damage to your belongings regardless. Another benefit of choosing local movers is that they frequently offer extra assurance to their clients. It is very simple to acquire their history and track records since they only conduct business locally. These budget movers have suitable equipment to assist them to move your stuff safely. Some of the local movers also offer renovation or compensation for any damages to your items.



The one thing that makes people think about hiring professional movers is the price tag. We always feel like is it worth paying that much money to a company just to get some jacked-up dudes to do the heavy lifting?- well, turns out it is. Unless you’ve moved multiple times before, you do not know what surprises you might face. You could end up losing more money on the truck fuel, you might end up wrecking or losing your stuff, etc. So, when you take into account the potential for lost time, accidents, and costs associated with trying to move on your own, it is worth the cost for a professional in the long run. The chances of something going wrong when moving on your own are too high. Hiring local movers can save you money in the long run. This is because local service providers operate within a designated location, and they have minimum operating costs since they only drive short distances.

 These professional movers charge you the lowest prices if you can compare with the other operating counterparts. If you are intending to relocate around the same neighborhood, then using local movers is best for you. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that moving companies are professional movers and they have professional equipment that will make your move safe and easy.

Right equipment

If you’re moving and plan to move appliances, bulky furniture, or even a vehicle, professional movers can make light work of these more difficult items. Our professional moving equipment includes state-of-the-art, modern moving trucks and the resources to provide online tracking of your belongings 24/7. As we’ve seen above, you will need several specialized tools and vehicles for your move. These include at least a truck, a dolly, a ramp, and perhaps a crane for heavy items. If you plan on doing everything without furniture movers, you will have to rent out all the above, and this will cost you. When you hire professional movers, you don’t have to worry about getting all the right equipment in one place at the right time. Furniture movers will handle everything for you.


Another advantage of using local movers is that they often offer added security to their customers. It is easier to learn their history and track record since they only operate locally. Some professional movers also offer safe and secure storage facilities with higher flexibility in operating policies than their national competitors. These local movers have the appropriate tools to help them handle your belongings safely. Some of the furniture movers also offer refurbishment or compensation for any damages to your belongings.

Save time

One of the biggest reasons for hiring budget movers is that they will not only move your stuff safely but also move them on time. Moving is not a one-day job, especially if you plan on doing it alone. You will have to buy boxes and pack all your stuff, then you will have to label every box so you can remember where the most important items are that you will need as soon as you reach the destination. Basically, there is a lot of hassle, you can prevent all of this by hiring professional movers who will not only move your stuff but also pack them for you and assemble the big furniture wherever you want.

time management

Stress-free move

This could have easily been the first benefit on the list, but we decided to leave it for the end. Maybe the biggest reason for hiring professional movers is that it gives you peace of mind that everything is going to be okay. You can take a back seat and direct the furniture movers accordingly while they do all the heavy lifting. Small local movers, especially those in small communities, are much more dedicated to their customers than nationwide companies. They can offer a higher level of customization and localization in their offers, and dedicate more time and attention to people. Since they have a small clientele base that they want to retain over, they devote more time and attention to their clients.

Intending to make a move can be a challenging piece of the project, especially due to the present long list of things that need to be done. Loading, packing, unloading, and unpacking stuff can be quite annoying, particularly for people who find it difficult to get free time. To avoid problems, many people today choose to use professional movers that can help them in loading and moving their items. Are you one of them? Or are you one of those people who think local movers are way too expensive? Your moving day is approaching and you are considering moving by yourself? Here we gave you a few tips on why you should think twice and hire professional movers. Local movers can do everything needed for your move – packing your boxes, transporting items from point A to point B, placing big items where they should be in your new home. The first thing that comes to your mind is the price. Hiring furniture movers is not cheap, but if you find local movers that can offer you an all-inclusive price, it might even be cheaper than renting the truck and moving everything by yourself. Also, you must select local movers that best suit your requirements. While you can find a lot of professional movers that operate nationally, there are a few reasons why using local movers is a much better option. Before you make your final decision, think twice about all the good sides to hiring professional movers for the local move. Another great reason for hiring professional movers when planning a move is that they offer more options. At Santa Cruz Moving, for example, we offer residential moves, commercial, and overall great packing service. Get in touch with us and get your free moving quote today!

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